Affordable Living

My focus is on affordability in this time time when the cost of living is so challenging. I moved to Lynnwood because it was affordable, with safe housing, varied transportation connections, and services such as utilities that were economical. In this time of greater income inequity, we need to make sure that survival services - water, sewer, electricity, even internet are affordable and accessible. Lynnwood sets local utility taxes, operates the water and surface water utility and can take a stand on electrical and broadband services.

I have fought for equitable water rates, and for a sunset on the city’s first utility taxes. I’ll
continue to look out for residents’ interests in these core services.



Our entire region has a housing shortage and a housing cost problem.

I’ve worked on housing issues such as: assisting mobile home park tenants, and advocating for home ownership projects but also supporting other options for those who want to live in

apartments or townhouses, or a cottage accessory dwelling unit (ADU), and providing emergency and supported housing for residents that need them.

I will continue to push for the construction of more units, along a wide range of price points

while maintaining the scale of our neighborhoods.


Lynnwood is the hub of south Snohomish county, and will become more so with the arrival of light rail. I have worked with Sound Transit and Community Transit to support public transit.

Transit is key to the future, but we also need to keep focused on good services for users of the current transportation system.  That means the road system needs sufficient funding for maintenance and upgrades to maintain adequate levels of service


All residents should feel that they can be heard at city hall and that the services provided by their tax dollars will be provided to every resident with the same level of respect, care and attention.

I have worked on inclusion and attention to communities that have traditionally been under-

served through actions such as helping to write and recruit individuals for programs,

discussions and legislative advocacy on healthcare, access to services and racial justice.   I’ll continue to evaluate budgets, policies and legislation based on the impact for all community members.


The arrival of Light Rail in Lynnwood offers a springboard for south county to make the

changes to address climate change, and protect our future. We need to take every

opportunity to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. I will be aggressive in support of fleet

electrification, expanding our tree canopy to mitigate extreme heat, and addressing

environmental injustice.